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Our Mission

Vantage Airship Co., Ltd.'s mission is to develop Airship/Tethered Aerostat/UAV Carrier as the aerospace platform with unlimited potential in various industries, give full support to the advantages of innovation and contribute to the development of navigation. 

Our team has been working hard in the airship field for nearly 30 years. Our products are specially designed space platform to meet the specific challenges of multi-purpose. We act as our respective roles in different fields of airship manufacturing and operation. The airships and Tethered Aerostat provided by Vantage Airship team are known as safer high-performance aerospace platform solutions.

As a member of the Airship Association, Vantage Airship has obtained the airworthiness certificate and model certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Because we has self-confidence, execution is the most effective brand tool of us. No matter where the airship produced by Vantage Airship, we can deliver high quality and efficient service. Our customers come from research institutes, governments, universities, enterprises, scenic spots, communications, television media, fast consumer goods, real estate industry, etc., to name a few.

Today's Vantage Airship Co., Ltd., adhering to the glorious historical tradition of the past, adheres to the lofty mission of "serving the country through science and technology", always carries out the social responsibility of enterprises, and unswervingly takes the road of integrated development, strives diligently for the development of China's airship industry, strives unremittingly for the development of local social economy.